Trb 140 Internal modem unreachable

Hello, we´re using two trb 140 for sending SMS messages to some employees, but every couple weeks they get errors and stop working (not both at the same time). It seems to be a problem with the internal modem, because this will get displayed as unreachable. I´ll send a screenshot from the main menu of an device with this malfunction, maybe it helps. help would be appreciated, because it´s quite annoying and dangerous if these don´t work properly.


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Two options can be done. Either TRB140 Firmware upgrade or Modem Firmware upgrade. For the first option, you can refer to this link for more information.

For Modem upgrade it would be best for you to contact your local manufacturer as doing incorrect steps will be crucial that might cause the device to malfunction.

Hope this clarifies your doubt.


the firmware is on the newest version on both devices. How can I reach the local manufacturer? And is it possible to cancel these upgrades/ use a device without them? If it has these malfunctions everytime there is an update, that would be super annoying and could cause a lot of damage.


As this case might need a deeper hands on, you can access this link to check your local sales/support.


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