TRB 140 - Bricked

Hi, I have some problem with my TRB140 modem. I did a firmware upgrade using webgui that was unsuccessful. I have tried some instructions I found on the old forum but they did not work.

If I use USB to boot up and pressing reset button I do get a Android device in device manager but there is no driver present and I cant find any that works.

Modem is now flashing all five signal strength leds two times and led number four one time during normal boot up.

Is there anything I can do to get my modem running again?

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I can provide you the steps to recover your device, but for that you will require a rootfs.ubi file for that.
Kindly share your whole Product Code of the TRB140 (TRB140XXXXXX) so i can give you the appropriate ubi file.
Clive Pinto

Hi, I have started a support case with my reseller and have sent my TRB140 to them.

If they can’t fix my TRB140 I will get back to you.


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