TMT250 SMS command to set power off

Ver:55.01.11_00 GPS:AXN_5.10_3333 Hw:TMT250 Mod:2

  • shutdown
  • setparam 3005:6

But power still on …

Hello @awotgps,

Good day! Sending the setparam 3005:6 to the device configures it in such a way if someone calls the device it would hang up incoming call and turn device off.

Also it is worth to check your configuration file if you have set any Authorized Number, as the device would ignore any other numbers that are not configured on the Authorized Number list.

For more information about TMT250 SMS/Call Settings, kindly refer on this link: TMT250 SMS/Call settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I hope this helps.


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  • setparam 3005:6
  • phone call
    => I got sms “Date: 2023/9/5 Time: 9:53; IMEI:35…; Version: 55.01.11; BatLvl: 80; OpID: 24405; GSMSignLvl:3”

And no power off.

I have over 30 units. It would be easier to send sms to every units (loop or group sms).

Manual include error !!!
Incoming call setting:

Info SMS:

  setparam 3005:6

Power off:

  setparam 3005:7