TFT Eddystone BLE T-button

I am having trouble pairing his up in the configurator, it will find the T-button in the BLE control give the MAC address.

I need to get the mac address into the paired section.

what I want to do is use the BLE T-button to control D out 1, IE when in range turn off D out 1 , when out of range turn on D out 1 , also use it for driver id fob as well.

Units will be FMC920 , FMC234

Any help to on setting this up in the configurator would be a great help.

Many Thanks

Hi @Incartelematics

It seems this feature is not yet implemented in the based firmware, kindly check with your sales manager if you want to implement it from the firmware side.

Alternative solution.

Once the beacon is detected and the records sent to your server , your server will send a setdigout 1 command to activated the DOUT 1 and when the beacon ID is out of ranged it will send another command to deactivated the DOUT 1 which is setdigout 1, note this solutions depends on the device connectivity because all the commands will be coming from your server.

Wiki page: FMC130 Beacon List - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Best Regards
Maynard C

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