Temperature sensor RUT956

I have installed a RUT956 in my camper van.
I would like to monitor the inside temperature.
Which temperature sensor do you advise me to connect to the router, and how do I go about it?
Thanks for your help.


The easiest option would be to use a RUTX10, RUTX11, RUTX12, or RUTX14 device since those support Bluetooth 4.0 LE. This would allow you to use BLE Eye beacons/sensors. However, the RUT956 does not support Bluetooth. Thus, this is not an option in your case.

We are unable to provide specific recommendations for third-party devices. You’ll need to acquire a temperature sensor compatible with one of the protocols supported by the RUT956, such as Modbus TCP/RTU, MQTT, etc. Keep in mind that Zigbee is not supported on Teltonika routers.

Perhaps someone else from the forum will be able to recommend something more specific.

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