Teltonika trb500 is slow

I just got myself the TRB500 and its so slow. Why?I get only around 90 mbps while im getting on a different 5G router over 300 mbps and im also reaching the results using my phone. I updated the firmware.


Speed tests can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to routers. Your phone typically has newer modems or is more optimized for mobile GSM reception. Routers, on the other hand, have nuances such as placement and antenna configuration.

To ensure your router is optimally placed:

  1. Make sure all antennas are securely screwed on and pointing upwards in a 90-degree fashion.
  2. Check the signal parameters of your device, which can be found in Status → Network → Mobile. If the parameters are poor, consider adjusting the device placement closer to a window or in a more open space. Poor signal strength can significantly degrade speeds.
  3. Confirm that your router is connected to 5G. Sometimes, if the 5G signal is weak, the router may switch to 4G instead. You can verify this by checking the LEDs on the router’s body or by going to Status → Network → Mobile again.

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