Teltonika RUT956 stuck in endless boot up

We have a RUT956 that worked fine until we moved it to a different location.
After the move, it now seems like it’s stuck in an endless boot up loop.
On the front panels, all the LEDs light up (pwr, lan1-3,wan, 4g and, signal strength) for around 30 seconds, and then they all (except pwr) turn off for around 0.5s. This happens again and again.
When connecting to the device with a RJ45, my computer finds a network, tries to connect to it, and then the network disappears, and after a while, it comes back, and repeats.
Wondering if I need to follow this procedure to fix it…
Does anyone know how this happened, and how to prevent it? Also how to fix it?


IT seems that you have a device that’s failing.

if the bootloader procedure does not help, I recommend sending the device to RMA

Using the bootloader procedure to upload a new firmware fixed it:)

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