Teltonika Rut955 Rs232 serial to Mqtt broker

Hello Teltonika Community
I am currently working on RUT955 router. let me break down my question…
I am recieving data on Rs 232 port from my controller.
This data then I through over the internet using tcp protocol.
Now the question is :
How I send Rs232 data over the Mqtt protocol and receive it using mosquitto on my PC?
I already tried to configured mqqt broker and publisher but fail to get data.
Can someone help me regarding the setting or how to configure mqtt on router.

Just use mosquitto on the RUT, too.

Thanks for your reply
can you share with me some documentation or reading stuff so I can go through it…
It will save my time :slight_smile:


I want to clarify whether the data you’re referring to is Modbus RTU data transmitted over serial RS232. If that’s the case, there are two distinct methods for sending this Modbus RTU data to an MQTT broker, such as Mosquitto.

Approach 1: Using the MQTT Gateway Feature

In this scenario, the RUT955 device will operate as both a Modbus RTU Master and an MQTT Gateway. This can be visualized as follows:

You can find detailed configuration instructions on this page:

As an example, if you intend to send data to, you’ll notice that the RUT1 configuration’s host field is populated with If you’re utilizing the Mosquitto application, replace this with the IP address of the PC running Mosquitto…
To better understand the MQTT Gateway feature, review this page:

Approach 2: Using the Data to Server Feature

Alternatively, the RUT955 can function as a Modbus RTU Master and employ the Data to Server feature. This will lead to the RUT955 periodically transmitting data to the Mosquitto application based on a specified interval.

Here’s an example configuration:


In this setup, the RUT955 will use MQTT protocol to send Modbus data to the server at IP address, utilizing a specific JSON format. Subsequently, your Mosquitto application will receive data at 30-second intervals, as indicated in the configuration.

Refer to this page for detailed information:

Key Differences Between MQTT Gateway and Data to Server Feature:

It’s important to note the distinctions between these two methods. The MQTT Gateway offers two-way communication, allowing for both data sending and posting. Conversely, the Data to Server feature only supports one-way communication—specifically, sending data to the server.

We’re eager to hear about the results of your RS232 serial to MQTT broker test after implementing our suggestions. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further assistance.

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