Teltonika RUT955 cannot ping IP address local Sangfor through IPSEC VPN

Hi Support,

i got issue :

sangfor —> teltonika (behind from sangfor, I can ping ip add device back teltonika)

Teltonika ----> sangfor (behind from teltonika, I cannot ping add device back sangfor)

Sangfor Technical already check config sangfor, he say that sangfor configure no issue. i need to know teltonika need allow from ping ip from outsite to local?

Just to clarify, You can ping from 192.168.50.x but cannot ping 192.168.50.x from 192.168.3.x.
There are a few things to look out here.

  1. Do a traceroute to see where the ping gets dropped.
  2. Make sure that you added the remote subnet properly in the IPSec settings of the RUT955.
    You can add a screenshot of your IPSEC settings (Kindly Redact any personal and sensitive information).
    Clive Pinto

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