Teltonika RUT950 Software Flow option


I have a RUT 950 running firmware R_00.06.09.5.

despite good 4G signal, I am only getting 5mbit of download. I have read many troubleshooting guides that suggest changing the software flow routing option in Network>firewall > general.

unfortunately that option is nowhwere present on the WebGUI?! can anybody advise where it is, or why it is missing or ways to change this option?


You device is running legacy firmware, which lacks many features of the modern RutOS. I’d suggest trying to update your device to the latest if it supports that (order code does not contain RUT950 xG1xxx). If it is an older model, I’m afraid Software offloading will not be available.
However, the device should definitely be able to achieve higher speeds even without software flow offloading. I’d suggest re-adjusting the placement of the device to face a window to the side of the cell tower. Alternatively, third-party antennas are also an option. More information can be found here: Third-party Antennas - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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ok thanks - it looks like I’m at the latest firmware then, as ( when I can connect the router) it tell me it won’t support versions beginning 7.0.

with regard to the download speed, I’ve been seeing signal strengths of -69dbm, so would expect is would be strong enough for a better download?

Funnily enough I have also been suffering a lot of drop outs / time out issues - is it possible there is an issue with the Antenna?



Could you also share other signal parameters such as RSRP, SINR, RSRQ?
RSSI alone usually does not tell the full story, as some parameters could be very good, but others may have issues. More information on signal parameters can be found here: Mobile Signal Strength Recommendations - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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