Teltonika RUT240 port based VLAN

Hi everyone,

I have RUT240 and I need configuration of two separate port based LAN Networks (two diferent subnets for example: 192.168…/172.20…). I have Internet access only over LTE.

Is it possible have on this model two separate port based LAN networks? (In UI under VLAN I have only interface based network option).

Can someone help me with configuration?

Also I accept all others possible beter solutions, I need only two separate Networks. I thought it would be best to separate the networks via ports if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thank you for contacting Teltonika Networks.

To set up two LAN interfaces at rut240 using the most recent 7.06.X firmware version.

First, make sure that no WAN interface has the selected interface port left. Turn off the interfaces for WAN and WAN6. Save the configuration.

Create the new LAN interface.

Then assign the available interface port to the new LAN interface.

Additionally, the device has VLAN tagged capabilities or VLAN per port, if necessary.

Hope you find this information useful.

Best Regards!

Hi Julio,

Yes, this is piece information that I was missing.

Thanks so much!
Best regards.

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