Teltonika rut240 as monitoring device

I have a onsite iot devices group which is not that stable. The group is in master slave configuration, the master has a 4g simcard and gives dhcp leases to the slaves. All the communication of the slaves go to the master wich sends it to our backoffice. All devices are configurable through a admin page. The devices are unstable at the moment. For better monitoring i want to add a teltonika rut240 to monitor the devices with rms. How do i set up a teltonika so i can reach the web admin pages without intervering with this setup?

Networks Arnt really my specialty, i assume i need to do the following am i missing something?:

Connect lan port to the switch.
Turn of DHCP.
Select a static ip in the same range as the master.


The easiest way to configure the setup would be to simply connect the WAN port of the RUT240 to the switch, and either set a static IP address on the RUT240 WAN interface, or let it obtain an IP address using DHCP. Since the device will have two WAN sources, Iā€™d also suggest enabling failover in case the internet will not be reachable over the main switch.
Using RMS, devices in WAN and LAN can be reached, so it should not matter whether the RUT240 is connected via LAN or WAN.
If the devices use regular HTTP or HTTPS for their admin panel, then RMS Connect will be the easiest way to remotely reach the Modbus Servers/Slaves. However, RMS VPN Hubs is also a great option if the devices require more than 1 port to be reachable or use non-standard communication protocols.

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