Telnet Terminal in RMS doesn't work

Dear all,
We have some microcontrollers running a firmware that spits out debug information over TELNET on port TCP 23.
I would gladly like to read this output from RMS, however in these years it never worked.
I set up a Remote Access in RMS, Scan Device, select IP address of the microcontroller, select port 23 (TELNET), provide a name and click ADD.

When I connect, a terminal appears with the “Login:” prompt. There is no username or password, therefore I just hit ENTER, prompt “Password:” appears, hit ENTER, the signal “Connected” with green circle appears, but no output is displayed.

The same microcontroller, reached on port TCP 80 is correctly serving a web page through Remote Access.

I have set up a dedicated RUT240 running latest firmware 7.06.6, joined to our RMS company account. Would you be available to test it out?
Let me know how can I provide sensitive information such as S/N etc…


Thank you for your inquiry. To resolve the current issue you’re facing, a remote session to access your device would be necessary, involving handling sensitive information. For this, I would recommend contacting us directly through or through your device supplier.

Best regards,


Hi Marijus
Thank you for your reply.

I asked our distributor to open a ticket with your help desk on our behalf.
We’ll see if this works, otherwise, I will write here again for instructions on how to contact you because I don’t have a Helpdesk account.

With regards

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