[Telnet] Connection VIA Mobile WAN IP

Hi, Is it possible to connect to the router using the IP address provided by the SIM card visible in the Network → WAN tab via telnet? I turned on telnet communication in webUi, but the connection fails. In the case of one of the routers I have, a connection via telnet to the IP address for the wired Internet(static IP) is possible, in the case of the other device I do not have such an option, so I am trying to connect via mobile WAN IP, but I wonder if it is possible at all and how it can be done. Thank you in advance for any tips.


Yes, it is possible to telnet into the device over the mobile interface (SIM). However, it is recommended to not use telnet as it is insecure. It is also disabled by default. Telnet can be enabled in System → Administration → Access Control → Enable Telnet Access. One you enable Telnet access, there will be another option to enable remote Telnet Access. Since you want to connect over the mobile interface, you need to enable that option as well.

Also, make sure that the IP address of the router is reachable. If you are not using a private APN, the device should have a public IP address. However, if you are not using a private APN, I would strongly suggest using SSH instead of Telnet.

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Thank you for your answer!
Mobile IP is not reachable i am getting connection timeout.
Telnet settings are turned on.
I am sending the topology of the network.

  1. (Wired (WAN) Static) With this IP i am able to connect via telnet and this is the ip that allows me to connect to WebUI.
  2. (Mobile (WAN2)) IP not reachable

    I feel like I’m missing something :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Are you using a private APN on your mobile network? Your mobile interface has an IP address that starts with 10.x.x.x. This is a private IP address range and thus, it will not be reachable over a publiic internet. To reach the device, you will need to etiher have a public IP address on your mobile interface, or use VPNs. For public IP address, you can contact your ISP to see if they can provide you with a public IP. They may give you a specific APN for that. If they do, you can configure custom APN on your device in Network → WAN → Edit mob1s1a1 → disable Auto-APN and enter your custom APN.

If you have a private APN and it should be reachable over a mobile connection via private IP address, but the issue persists, could you please clarify if you are able to reach the device via SSH or HTTP (WebUI) over the mobile interface?

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