TCP/IP Header Type

Hi, I have a RUT956 router.
I want to use the serial over IP function to transmit a raw TCP message from a data logger to a server. The data logger sends a pre-built data message every minute via the serial port. The modem receives it and must retransmit it to the IP server. We use this setup with a modem from another brand without any problems.
So I have configured the serial over IP service on the modem. Looking at it with Wireshark, the server receives the message, but it categorizes it as an ISAKMP protocol (Malformed Packet). Whereas it should be TCP, which causes it to be rejected by the server. My theory is that it comes from the TCP/IP Header Type (Message Length Field). I have the impression that it is in standard mode so it will add 2 bytes of binary exclusive network order to all transmitted TCP packets. I need it to not do that, the device should not add or remove any bytes as the length field from the data packets received or transmitted.
Do you know where I can change this? Or if you have another idea


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