TAP100 device pairing

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This is my first post on the forum, I’ve always been able to fin solutions using the wiki and forum search, but I can’t find any information for this issue:

I have a RUTX08 router and I recently installed 3 x TAP100 access points. In the configuration interface of the TAP100, there is a tab for pairing. How do I use this configuration? Is it possible to configure one “master” access point in order to do the configuration on a single device?

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Connecting 3 TAP100 devices to RUTX08 is a straightforward process:

  1. Ensure that all TAP100 devices are connected to the RUTX08 in the same network as your router.
  2. Configure each TAP100 device with the same SSID and password (encryption settings should also be identical).

This setup should suffice for a simple network. To simplify this process by using a backup file. Set up one device, download the backup file from it, and then restore the configuration on the other devices using that backup.

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