Supported PoE Standards

In DataSheet of RUTX50 one can read:
Power Supply:
Passive PoE. Possibility to power up through LAN1 port , not compatible with IEEE802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt standards.

My question is, which PoE standards then are supported, without any risc to damage the device?
By excluding of 802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt most switches (we have some Netgears GS752TPv2) are excluded by such definition.


Passive PoE, unlike active PoE (802.3at/802.3af), does not communicate with the host device about the voltage and current that the host device can supply. This means that power is supplied constantly over the wire pairs described in the Wiki page.
While we do not make any passive PoE switches, they can be found online, as passive PoE is also used by some other manufacturers. In order to avoid damage to the RUTX50, please follow the points outlines in the Wiki, mainly:

  • Only use LAN1 port for powering the device;

  • Make sure the voltage is between 9 and 50 VDC;

  • Make sure the switch/PSU used can supply the current ratings of the RUTX50, as well as provide clean power.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Understood, so we can use something like Passive PoE Injector / Adapter - Gigabit, LED.
This has DC voltage btw. 12-48 V.

Can’t find which pairs are used for power, but if it’s the pairs described in our Wiki, then it should work. As we’ve not tested this injector, I can’t guarantee the correct operation, but passive PoE does not communicate with the device that it powers, so it should work fine.

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If you can recommend some passive PoE Injector(s) which definitely works with the router, please post here the link(s). I will take some which works for sure.


We do not have an official list of supported injectors, but here are a few posts from other users who had success with PoE injectors:

In reality, any passive PoE injector that uses the same pinout should work perfectly fine, as the injector simply “highjacks” the aforementioned pairs and sends power through them.

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Perfect. Thanks for support.

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