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I have a problem and would appreciate your thoughts / help.

There is a TRB245 (Modbus client) which is connected to a Siemens LOGO! (Modbus server) via Modbus TCP. The TRB245 receives its commands via MQTT.

When I now send a MQTT command to specific MQTT topic, which is subscribed by the TRB245, a Modbus command will sent to the LOGO! and a value will be written into a register of the LOGO!.

This works fine. My problem occurs, when the Siemens LOGO! is being switched off and on again. Then the value are not any more in the register and I would need some kind of routine so the value is written again into the register. However, this action is only carried out, when the command has been sent via MQTT. Otherwise, there is no reason for the TRB245 to start a Modbus request.

Has anyone of you had a similar problem? Is there maybe a way to store the value in the TRB245 and wirte it periodically into the LOGO! registers?

Thank you very much for your thoughts.

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If you want your device to rewrite registers after reboot, your TRB needs to know which values to write and where. This means it has to store these values and know when to write them. However, this functionality is currently not available on Teltonika Networks devices. There are two suggestions:

  • Check Modbus Alarms functionaly here. This feature allows you to monitor Modbus registers on your Modbus Server to see if they meet a certain threshold/value. If the condition is met, the TRB can write a pre-configured value to a different register. This might suffice for your use case.

  • Create your own script.

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