Step by step eSim RUT240 explanations please

I am not exactly sure I am clear on what the options are.

  1. Is eSim capability offered to the RUT240 by a traditional form-factor normal SIM card with the guts of eSIM technology? In other words, lacking any other required hardware, can anything swap a normal sim card for something that fits the same slot and bring eSIM capability? This seems strongly implied in by this statement: “While the RUT240 comes with a mini-SIM card(2FF) slot, it can easily be used with 1oT plastic eSIM, which enables you to Over The Air swap carrier profiles.”

  2. Is there another route to eSIM capability by use AT commands to talk to the modem chip? Where are the instructions for proceeding on that path?

  3. If a eSIM “SIM” card exists, how much are they and do I have to buy it with a service plan or can I buy the physical card and then look for service providers?

Thank you!
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