Stable firmware for Teltonika FMB140

Good day.
Please advise stable firmware for FMB140 tracker.
At the beginning of February, I updated the devices to version 03.29.00.Rev.14,
but in recent weeks, three trackers have completely stopped running,
the SIM card was also unlocked and did not connect,
only a complete reboot with disconnection of the internal battery helped.

Hi @Vitalii,

Good day! Can you provide more information regarding completely stopped running? Does it mean the device is offline or online but does not send records to your IoT Platform?

On the other hand, if you have recently unlocked the SIM Card installed on the device and do the reboot then it will start communicating. Could you monitor from then on and check if you will still encounter the same issue?

Patrick S.

Good day.
When a problem occurred, the device went offline, the SIM card management platform showed that the SIM card was not connected. One LED was constantly lit on the device, unfortunately, they did not look at which one. After disconnecting the external power supply and the internal battery and connecting them back, the device started working normally. The problem has not yet occurred again.

Dear @Vitalii,

Based on the information provided if 1 LED was lit on the device it means that the device is ON during this time and does not go offline (OFF). If you are testing inside the office, the LED that is constantly lit is for the GPS LED.

In this case, probably some issues on the Network which is why it is not sending data to your platform that has been resolved after some time. You may monitor the GSM Status of the device through Configurator > Status Tab > GSM Info so you can see if the device can get good GSM coverage.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Patrick S.

I think the network is useless here, and the problem is the tracker itself freezing. The car drove almost half of the country in this condition. and after returning to normal mode, the device did not download any data to the server during this period.

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