SSH - Error: Authentication failed

Device: RUT360

I cannot connect to SSH via the RMS interface.

I get the login prompt, but when entering credentials the prompt returns

Error: Authentication failed.
Connection is not active anymore.Connection Reset By Peer

Every time I try to login, the device registeres it as a faild attempt within
System\Administration\Access Control TAB Security

The device is fully firmware updated, just been RESET, but the error keeps occuring.

any advise on this?


In case if the device registers an attempt in the security tab, it is likely that the issue is with incorrect credentials. Please, make sure that:

  • You remove the IP block in Access Control
  • You generate a new CLI link in RMS
  • You are entering ‘root’ as the username and not ‘admin’. Username ‘admin’ is used for the WebUI, while the username for CLI/SSH should be ‘root’.

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