Splitting Network RUTX50

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Networking newbie here.
Is it as all possible to split the source of internet between the physical ethernet ports on the X50 modem router?
Eg. Selected ports/ZeroTier VPN acquire data from the SIM card, other ports acquire data from the WAN interface (in this case Starlink)

Sorry if my terminology is incorrect and thanks in advance.




When it comes to dividing traffic between multiple WAN interfaces, our devices offer a function called ‘Load Balancing’. You can find more information and configuration examples on our wiki page: Load Balancing Rules/Policies examples.

Additionally, you can find a wealth of information about your device on our wiki page RUTX50 - Teltonika Networks Wiki. If you have any questions about our devices or need assistance with device configuration, I highly recommend checking our wiki first.
If you can’t find the information you need on wiki, you can always try searching for answers on our Teltonika community forum . Many questions have already been answered there, so you may find what you’re looking for without needing to create a new topic.

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