Solved: Interface linked to client wifi is always stopped status

Providing internet from a sim card over lan and wireless is working without issues.

I followed this very simple guide How to Enable WiFi WAN on Teltonika Networks Routers - YouTube to connect my rut 240 to an existing wifi network.

The status for the wifi network shows as running in the wireless section, but the associated interface in the interface section always shows as status down, and the ip shows as a dash.

I’m not sure how to go about fixing this issue, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Update: I am able to connect to the existing network with an old phone, provide a hotspot with the old phone, and then connect over wifi in client mode with the rut240 to the old phone, and everything works correctly, but I am still unable to connect directly to the existing wifi network with the rut240

ANSWER: I had initially entered the wrong password for the existing wifi network and my browser auto filled this incorrect password everytime I attempted to delete and recreate the wireless settings on the rut240 from then on.

I had incorrectly assumed that because it said running on the wireless page beside the name of the wifi network that it was actually successfully connecting to the wifi network. While looking through the troubleshooting logs I saw auth failures for wlan1, which prompted me to double check the wifi password was entered correctly.