SNMP Over LAN via OpenVPN


I have 3 routers that are accessible via a VPN connection. I’m in the process of setting up monitoring using SNMP with Zabbix. Now I want to monitor 2/3 Routers (1x X11 and 1x 955) using SNMP and monitor 1/3 (1x X10) using the Zabbix Agent. 2/3 Routers sit behind a VPN connection that is on the X10. The agent is able to reach the X10 using its VPN connection just fine. But I am unable to reach the X11 or the 955 behind the X10’s VPN connection.

I have opened the SNMP port (161) on the X11 to allow connections from the LAN zone to Input (Device) and forwarded the specified port for the X11 (1161) over the Firewall of the X10 to the X11 so that Zabbix can reach the X11. However I still am unable to reach the X11 over the 161 port. I’ve tested to see if the port is open on the X11 via the X10’s CLI using netcat and it says the connection is refused, even though I’ve opened the port, so I know the issue is accessing the port 161 on the X11. I’ve tested accessing SNMP on the X11 directly via a VPN connection and I’m able to access it.
Is this a limitation with the routers that SNMP is only accessible via VPN and WAN zones?

Please let me know if you would like more details or if you can provide any guidance!

Thank you!

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