Sms_utils - how to read sms messages stored on SIM? RUTX11


I am wanting to view SMS messages stored on SIM card. I can see them when I use the LuCI web interface, but I am wondering if there is a way to read them from CLI / ssh?

I found sms_utils command which gives the following “help”:

# sms_utils
Usage: sms_utils [<options>] <command>

	-i | --id <sms id> 		SMS ID
	-m | --modem <modem id> 	modem ID (default modem if not set)
	-n | --number <modem num> 	modem number (optional. Calculated from 'modem ID' if not set)
	-l | --llevel <log level> 	log level (default - 1) 0 - debug, 1 - info, 2 - notice,
					 3 - warning, 4 - error, 5 - critical, 6 - alert, 7 - emergency
	-v | --version 			show version
	-h | --help 			show usage information

For RUTX11, modem id should be 3-1, but when I try to execute, I get

# sms_utils -i 1 -m 3-1 -n 1 read
[Severity ] Message
[Error    ] Unable to read sms '1'

Any idea how to use this tool, or other way to read these messages?
thank you
Firmware 7.04.5


You can use gsmctl, ubus, or AT commands.

gsmctl -h
gsmctl -S -r 1

ubus -v list gsm.modem0
ubus call gsm.modem0 read_sms ‘{“index”:1}’

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