SMS Response FMB900

Hello, I am using the FMB900 for a while now, but suddenly the FMB900 is not responding to SMS commands anymore. The rest is still working as usual. The problem occured after I disconnected the FMB900 from the power source for maintenance. In addition I changed the phone, but kept the phone number. The device sends out SMS as usual but does not respond. The counter of received SMS does not change after a SMS is sent to the device. I checked it with a second phone but there is the same problem. Does anyone has an idea how to solve this issue?

Thank you very much!


Good day, Thank you for contacting Teltonika Telematics!

There are two things you need to check.

  1. First you need to check is device has SMS pack facility to send SMS back to the phone number.

2.A If device has SMS pack and it is sending SMS to the phone numbers but not responding to your get commands in that case you need to check have you added any Authorization number in the device configuration settings? if, yes then you need to use the same number to send SMS to the device.

2.B You need to check is there any SMS login and SMS password mentioned in the configuration file. If there is any SMS login & Pass available then you need to use that before a new SMS every time.

If you want to check the configuration file of the device, you can download it from the FOTA Web server, once file is downloaded you can open the file in the configurator utility available in your PC.

Please use link below to read more about the SMS and Authorization settings in the device


Ashutosh S.

Hi, I already checked all of the above points, but there was no change. In the meanwhile I contacted also the SIM Provider and there was an issue with the SIM provider which could be solved. Now everything is working again.

Thank you!