SMS recipients -> Modbus registers

Dear experts,
I need a solution to change phone numbers of SMS recipients remotely.
Lets say is it possible to put phone number to modbus registers and change from there?

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Since you are using SMS, it is likely possible. However, could you please clarify what feature are you using and what recipients you want to change? Maybe its Modbus alarms, or something else?

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I want to change recipients phone numbers over modbus


What service are you using to send SMS?

If you are using Modbus alarms that send SMS messages, then you can send SMS to the router to check settings first, and change the telephone number.

#replace admin01 with your password
#if firmware version older that v7.05:
admin01 uci show modbus_master
# if firmware v7.05
admin01 uci show modbus_client

Then, find the client number and the phone number. For example, if you see:


Then the client number is 5 and you can send the following command to change the phone number:

admin01 uci set modbus_master.5.telnum=+37022222222

If you are using modbus registers to send SMS messages, then please refer to our wiki page here.

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Hi Andzej,
I understand what you say.
The question is Is it possible to put ‘+3701111111’ data to modbus register to make it more dynamic

Hope you understand
what I mean

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If you use Modbus to send SMS messages, then to change the phone number, you need to write the phone number to Modbus Register Number 398 and above. This is described here.

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