SMS issue RUT955

hi there,
I found something confusing with SMS commands to the RUT955 - when sending reboot to the device, the command is executed as expected but the message is not displayed in mobile utilities messages received. Is this normal behaviour or misconfiguration?
the firmware is RUT9_R_00.07.06.3 and the newest modem firmware. SMS is sent over LTE net.


Our messages are currently not appearing in the correct order due to sorting by date alphabetically. Rest assured, we are actively addressing this issue. To check if messages are being received, you can search for “reboot” in the search bar and note the time it was received.

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sorry, I have no sms at all in the mobile utilities messages window, so it cant be hidden behind a long queue of messages. This window remains empty and doesnt show any messages. but the rut955 is rebooting at least …

Check your SIM card memory in Storage tab (photo of Marijus should be as reference). Maybe your SIM card is not capable to save much SMS messages and “Leave empty space” doing it’s job?

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