SMS Forwarding to email TRB140

I am trying to forward all sms to email.

  1. I receive sms messages and I can view them in the “Messages” page on the device
  2. I have enabled sms forwarding to email
  3. I have created a email recipient and have sent a test message which works perfectly.

But when I send a sms to the device it will not forward to the email set up, what am I missing?


Could you provide a screenshot of your SMS to email forwarding configuration? Make sure to hide your email addresses before uploading the screenshot.

Also, please access the device via the command line (instructions here) using username 'root ’ and execute the following command to view logs in real-time:

  • logread -f

Then, try sending SMS to the router. Are there any logs related to SMS or emails?

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I used the command line and executed logread -f but there where no logs releated to SMS or emails that I could see.
Here is a screenshot of the ama to email configuration:


No SMS or email logs at all?

What if you navigate to System → Administration → Recipients and perform the test again while running the ‘logread -f’ command? Any logs then? Do you receive an email?

Also, it is possible that there is a configuration or migration issue. Could you try restoring the device to factory defaults in System → Backup ? Then, try configuring only relevant settings and try again.

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Here are the logs and I do receive the test email:


I was unable to replicate the issue and SMS was forwarded.

Please, double-check and ensure that you do not have other SMS forwarding or auto-reply rules configured on the device. Make sure that only SMS to Email is enabled. Also, ensure that you press save & apply.

Additionally, double-check the email address you entered to ensure it is correct and free of any typos.

If the issue persists, I would suggest restoring the device to factory defaults in System → Backup. Your current configurations will be lost and you will have to configure the device again. However, this should help with potential configuration and migration issues that may have occurred during firmware updates.

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What fixed the issue at the end was I updated the firmware which became available a few weeks ago. Everything now works as it should.

Thank you!

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