Sms command sim 2

hi i have a rut x11 whit a sim inserted in slot 2, i need to change the apn remotely to sim 2 because the slot 1 is empty how i can do it?

thank you


Sorry for late reply,
please try sending the following SMS commands to change the APN settings for SIM 2:

  • Password uci set sms_utils.@rule[11].simcard='2**'**

When you use the command Password uci set sms_utils.@rule[11].simcard=2

the updated option will be displayed as shown in the attached photo.


Utilize the updated option by entering.

  • Password uci set sms_updated option=2

And then

  • Password uci commit
  • Password reload_config
  • Password cellular apn=XXXXX

Make sure to replace ‘Password’ with the actual password you use for authorization and ‘XXXXX’ with the desired APN value. After sending these commands, your router should update the APN settings for SIM 2. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, feel free to ask.


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