SMS alarm sending via TCP

I need to send an alarm message to more than one phone number via ModBus TCP. My idea is to send a previously saved message to register number 398 by sending a 1 to register number 396 via Modbus, and that works, but to send the same message to other telephone numbers I want to use alarms.
I have tried to set said alarm in many ways but none work. I just can’t get the alarm to detect the “1’s” that I’m sending to register 396.

I am using a RUT240 and the version is RUT2_R_00.07.04.3

Hi, I try to trigger an alarm by register 396 but it does not work. Could you share with me how you can send SMS by trigger register 396 and writing content to register 398? Could you share the software you used to or something else? Thank you.


@JJpumero This will most likely not work, as the register almost instantly gets reset back to 0. Perhaps you could describe your broader use case to see if there could be any other way to configure the SMS sending?

@Gavin Could you try using register number 397 (register number =/= register address)?

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The idea is to use the alarms to send a single predefined message to multiple phone numbers. The Requests method works when there is only one recipient, so I wanted to use alarms, they allow you to schedule more than one phone number.

The main condition is that the triggering of the message is done via modbus.

Saving a new phone number and its message in hexadecimal following the following tutorial: Teltonika Rut 240 send sms via Modbus TCP problem - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks (there specify the software).
To send a message with registration 396, it is enough to send either a 1 or a 0, but first you must register the relevant information in 398 using 397.

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