Slow 4G Connection - RUT901

i’m using a RUT901 as a router with a 4G WAN connection.
The setup was easy, and it works, a have just one problem: the internet connection is very slow. The average is 4-5mbps, with a top speed of 10mbps.
The same sim in another device performs better, with at least 50-60mbps in the same location.

I’ve tried to:

  • enable separately every LTE Band in the web gui
  • change the apn
  • update the firmware (tried both 00.07.06 and )
  • enable " 'software flow offloading"
  • force 4G in mobile connection
  • reset and reconfigure
    Now i’m a little lost, can you help me?



Thanks for reaching out, Considering the RUT901 router is LTE CAT 4, its maximum speed might be lower than devices with higher LTE categories or better hardware. The other device you mentioned may be using superior technology, explaining the speed difference. Double-check its LTE category and specifications for a more accurate comparison.

Additionally, signal parameters can vary between devices, even when using the same SIM card in the same location. Factors such as antenna design, sensitivity, and processing capabilities can influence the overall performance.

I suggest that you visit our wiki page here as it contains a detailed explanation of the discrepancies in LTE speeds.

Also, you can try to enable ‘software flow offloading’ in Network → Firewall → Generall settings. This option can potentially provide an increase in speed.

Could you please specify the make and model of the other device you mentioned?


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