Short signaldrop on rutx50

Hello i am having random short signal drops on my rutx50. And i am using it at home whit a stabil powersupply.
I had the same issue whit supplied antennas and whit my new QuMax RUTX50 antenna.
I tried out using Telia broadband sim and changed over to Tre broadband in sweden.
I do have alot better connection whit the Tre broadband but the issue still remains whit the signal drops.
Its Apn is set to:
And Band selection is set to manual. whit B20 , B7. That are the primary ones used for Tre.
I have tried whit apn set to auto and manual on both Telia and Tre. And the same whit band setting.
And the issue whit short signal drop is still present.


Could you clarify how long are these signal drops?
Does it actually impact connection quality, or are you using the realtime data tab in the WebUI to check the signal parameters? There is a known issue where these graphs show signal loss, but this is only a visualization issue rather than an actual signal drop.
However, if the data connection is being dropped, I will ask you to wait for the issue to replicate, then navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot, open the System logs, and copy the logs from a past few minutes.
Make sure to remove any sensitive information if it’s present in the logs!

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