setting up RMS VPN tunnel for RUTX50

I use RUTX50 in my mobile home. Actually I am in Sweden and have swedish SIM card. I want to use RMS VPN to get a VPN tunnel with server in Germany for data traffic of my FireTV stick. I wasn’t able to set up this VPN.

So first I tried to set up a VPN for the IP of my smartphone to have it easier to control the sucess of connection. Also this does not work.

Even if connection seems successful, my geographic IP seems still to be in Sweden.

What I did:
I used RMS VPN, added a VPN hub and added my RMS user and the RUTX50 device as clients. Then I actived LAN/WAN forwarding.

I added a route for IP of my smartphone and restarted VPN.

In configuartion of my RUTX50 I see the new VPN connection. Status is “connected”. But within 10-20 seconds it switches to “Disconnected”, then it turns back to “connected” without any action needed.
WLAN of my smartphone looses internet connection when status switches to “disconntected”, so something happend, but I dont’t know. When status is “connected” again, smartphone has internet access but IP location is still in Sweden (not Germany according to VPN settings).

I edited the settings and uploaded the configuration file from RMS user profie. Same problem as before.

Where is the mistake?


There is no need to upload RMS VPN config files to the router. The configuration files are used by OpenVPN client application on your end device. The configurations will be applied to RUTX50 automatically.

A video tutorial is available here.

Secondly, the RMS VPN is not used to ‘masquerade’ your IP address when you are browsing internet. RMS VPN is used to establish secure connections between your devices. For example, when you need to remotely reach your RUTX50 and its LAN devices.

When configured properly, the RMS VPN connection will be used only when accessing networks specified in the RMS VPN Hub routes section. In your case, only traffic to will be router over RMS VPN. Thus, could you please clarify what server in Germany are you trying to access? Is that your home server?

Kind Regards,

Hello Andzej,

thanks for your comments.

I am not sure if I misunderstood the RMS VPN feature. I added a scheme what I am want to do.

With “Server in Germany” I meant the general VPN settings (see my first picture).

I don’t want to reach my devices connected with RUTX50. I want browse internet with my devices connected to RUTX50 using a VPN connection via a german server.

Is this possible using RMS VPN or do I have to use another VPN provider?
(I also tried to configure CyberGhost VPN using the open VPN settings. But this also fails, I am not very common with features).



It seems that you are looking to use a VPN to hide your location for privacy reasons. RMS VPN is not a solution in your case.

While I cannot really recommend any specific VPN providers for your purpose, we do have a couple of examples on our wiki. I suggest taking a look at the following links for ExpressVPN and NordVPN:

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