Sending data from fmb920 device to server

Hello, we are currently developing a project where we need to send data from our FMB920 device to a server. Initially, I wanted to test by sending the IMEI number of our device. In the Hercules program, I entered the necessary IP and Port information into the TCP Client section to establish a connection with the server, and the connection was successfully made. Then, I sent the IMEI number in hexadecimal format, starting with ‘000F’, just like in your examples, as ‘000F333536333037303432343431303133’. I am expecting an ACK from the server, either ‘00’ or ‘01’, but no response is coming. Even when I send the IMEI number in the same format using my own C# application, I do not receive any response from the server.

As another method, I entered the IP and Port information, which I will test on my own internet, into the configurator. Then, I added the IP and Port information I entered into the configurator to the AppConfig file in Teltonika’s listener application.

I still couldn’t see the IMEI number in the listener. I am not sure what to do at this point. Could you please help me?

Kind regards.

Hi Haktan,

Good day! Based from the screenshots provided from the Hercules it seems that you have successfully establish the connection to your server and the IMEI was sent correctly. Response once the IMEI was sent should be received on your server end, I recommend you to check on your server source code.

For more information about FMX Device Protocol, kindly refer on this link: Teltonika Protocol

Moreover, you may access a sample TCP/UDP listener from the link mentioned below for additional reference.

TCP/UDP Listener: Universal Device Test Guide - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Patrick S.

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