Sending Analog Read (6,9) from RUT955 using MQTT Publisher

I can’t send data from RUT955 to MQTT Broker over Azure Event Grid Namespace, I create a broker server and Tested it out using MQTTX and was able to communicate between Publisher and Subscriber, now my question is… How can I set up the Publisher part in Router if I do have RUT9_R_00.07.05.4 firmware version. I tried reading some old stuff about using MODBUS but this updated firmware doesn’t have those options any longer. I tried installing MQTT package by following this article steps: RUT955 MQTT - Teltonika Networks Wiki. So far I just can read there may be a connection from publisher on the server, but no data receive. What am I doing wrong? this is what I got so far Incluiding the last picture where I done some actions steps for Analog Read also Data to Server Selecting MQTT and MQTT publisher. By the way, I need to sent data periodically

Hi Good day,

Please post your questions regarding RUT devices in separate Networks group forum. Thank you for your understanding. Here is the link Latest Teltonika Networks topics - Teltonika Community