Send SMS using ModbusTCP fail to write 1 to register 396

Hello, I am using a RUT241 and I want to send an sms using ModbusTCP.
I can set and read (get) the modbus registers starting 397 (90 registers, first 10 phonenumber, remaining 80 are the msg).
When I want to send the sms I write a ‘1’ in register 396, but get an error, illegal data value, back.
I also tested to write a ‘1’ to register 325, toggles pin 4 On or Off, this goes OK.
Does anyone know why I get an error when writing to register 396?
Thank you, Maurits

I got it working now!
I was writing the msg right after the phone number, but the phone number only used 7 registers. I needed to write 0 into register 8, 9 and 10. And then start writing the msg.

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