Send sms status TRB245

Is it possible to periodically send the trb245 status via SMS?


I assume you are refering to the SMS utilities. Correct? If so, there is no way to execute those periodically. The trigger an SMS utilities rule, you need to send SMS message to the device.

If you want to receive an SMS message periodically, you can create a script that sends and SMS, and then execute this script periodically using crontabs. The command to send SMS is:

gsmctl -S -s "<NUMBER> <TEXT>"

For example:

gsmctl -S -s "0037011111111 hello"

Then, you can execute your script (or this command directly) periodically via crontabs. Crontabs information is available here.

If you are having difficulties with the script, you can search for other scripting/crontabs topics on this forum.

There are also options to configure different kind of alarms on the device. For example, you can configure a rule in Services → Events reporting to receive SMS messages when some event occurs. More information is available here.

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