Send Data2Server on value change


we are using the modbus client and the data to server functionality. Our devices are connected using an iot sim card.

To save data on the mobile connection, we want only to send the data, if the value has changes. Example: doorOpen (1 or 0) or temperature value.

we do not need the door =0 value every 10 seconds, but we need the door =1 (open) when its open quickly.

the alert funktions does not work, because it only support mqtt and: we not want to alarm when a condition is fullfilled, but we also want to get every change, no matter what value is, if it is changed, we need to know it.

Do you see any option to provide this with your devices? we only saw device from which have these option. i think this could become a case for a lot of people.


When it comes to data to server, there aren’t direct functions for sending notifications when values change. However, achieving similar functionality is possible through several effective methods:

  1. SMS and Email Alarms: This approach allows you to utilize SMS and Email alarm options provided by the system. Events Reporting further enhances this capability, enabling notifications to be sent via SMS or Email. For more details, please refer to our documentation here.
  2. I/O Juggler: Particularly useful for triggering notifications based on changes in the system’s I/O operations, I/O Juggler is a versatile tool. Comprehensive information on its functionality is available here.
  3. Custom Scripts: Tailoring notifications precisely to your needs can be achievable through custom scripts. Detailed examples and guidelines for creating custom scripts can be found here.

For further insights into Modbus capabilities, you may explore our wiki pages:

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