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I’m looking to transmit data from a server to TMT250 using a data stream. I receive data from TMT250 as follows:
Once a connection is established, a handshake is initiated. Subsequently, TMT250 will transmit the data, after which the connection will be closed. Just before closing the connection, I want to send the data to TMT250. Could you please explain how can I send data to TMT250? Additionally, would you be able to provide a Python code snippet to help illustrate this?

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If you mean the ACK from the server to the device after receiving records, this should be done automatically in the code, as per the number of records, However, if you are looking to send a command to the device from the server,
Then you should use another type of protocol which is Codec 12, and bind this button (send command)
to the socket,


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I can help you with that. It seems like you want to establish a connection with a TMT250 device, perform a handshake, send data to the device, and then close the connection. Below, I’ll outline the steps and provide you with a Python code snippet to achieve this.

Please note that the exact implementation might vary based on the specific protocol and communication method you are using with the TMT250 device. I’ll provide a general example assuming you’re using sockets for communication.

Here are the steps:

  1. Import Required Libraries: Import the necessary Python libraries for socket communication.
  2. Establish Connection and Handshake: Create a socket connection to the TMT250 device and perform the handshake if required. The handshake process can involve exchanging specific messages to establish communication.
  3. Send Data: After the handshake, send the data to the TMT250 device using the socket connection.
  4. Close Connection: Once the data is sent, close the socket connection.

Here’s a Python code snippet illustrating these steps:

import socket

def perform_handshake(connection):
# Implement your handshake logic here
# Send and receive necessary messages for the handshake

def send_data(connection, data):
# Send data to the TMT250 device

def main():
# TMT250 device’s IP address and port
tmt250_ip = ‘TMT250_IP_ADDRESS’
tmt250_port = TMT250_PORT_NUMBER

# Data to be sent to TMT250
data_to_send = "Hello, TMT250!"

# Create a socket connection
with socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) as s:
    # Connect to the TMT250 device
    s.connect((tmt250_ip, tmt250_port))

    # Perform handshake

    # Send data
    send_data(s, data_to_send)

    # Close the connection

if name == “main”:

Remember to replace 'TMT250_IP_ADDRESS' and TMT250_PORT_NUMBER with the actual IP address and port number of your TMT250 device. Additionally, implement the perform_handshake function according to the specific handshake protocol that your device requires.

Keep in mind that this is a basic example, and the actual implementation might require more complexity depending on the protocol and communication details of the TMT250 device. Always refer to the device’s documentation for accurate and detailed

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You can use socket.connect() to establish a connection, send the handshake command, followed by data using socket.send(), and finally, close the connection with socket.close(). Be sure to handle any necessary encoding and formatting specific to your use case.