Schneider Energy meters over MOD BUS TRU

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has anyone connected with schneider PM1200 / PM2100 to read energy consumption data via modbus RTU (RS485) and how many slave devices can be sported by Teltonika Router ?


Certainly, we have multiple scenarios in which we’ve connected the RUT955 device to a Schneider PM2100. While we can’t provide you with the specific configurations, we can share some information that might be helpful when configuring Modbus RTU. The approach may vary, and here is one of our use cases using Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP gateway. Please refer to this page:

I also recommend consulting the Schneider PM2100 datasheet for in-depth information regarding the RS485 parameters and the specific implementation of the Modbus protocol. The datasheet will provide you with comprehensive details on these aspects.

For maximum slave devices, it is up to 32 slave devices. However, achieving this count requires adhering to specific wiring guidelines for both 4-wire and 2-wire setups. You can find detailed instructions in this guide:

Furthermore, it’s crucial to incorporate termination resistors at the end of each cable. If you require any further assistance or clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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I would like to know if you connected more than one energy meter to a single teltonika router , as I understand , the routers have a limit to read maximum of 32 mod bus reg. at a time ? or I have wrong opinion on this.


Absolutely, I would like to clarify that the limitation comes directly from the RS485 technology itself. Specifically, the TIA-485(-A) or EIA-485 standard sets a maximum threshold of 32 units per network. Consequently, in this scenario, the router can accommodate a maximum of 32 Modbus slaves, which will be connected to those Modbus slaves as Modbus masters.

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So I I connect 32 power meters to a single router , can we read multiple registries from each meter or it will be 32 single registry readings from each meter ?
From each meter I want to collect information about 6 registry params ( Kwh / Kvrh / Power factor 1-3 / Line voltage 1 - 3 )


You can read multiple registers from each Modbus slave (each power meter).
To facilitate this process, routers play a key role. They distinguish between different Modbus slaves by assigning unique slave IDs. These IDs serve as identifiers for each power meter. By utilizing this approach, you have the flexibility to incorporate up to 32 Modbus slaves within your setup.

Then you can individually configure the Modbus Slave IDs according to your need.

For comprehensive guidance and further insights, I recommend referring to the following resource: RUT955 Modbus - Teltonika Networks Wiki.

Thank you very much for your advice.

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