Sangfor ngaf --> Teltonika RUT901

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Right now my setup working can link sangfor ====> teltonika using IPsec VPN both. but i got issue for ping from Sangfor, i try ping ip address local inside teltonika from sangfor tool ping but sangfor “ping command returns no value. Please make sure the interface and IP address parameters are valid”.

If i try ping using CLI teltonika ping ip address local at sangfor can ping + i try open that ip address using browser, i can access the NAS.

for this, teltonika got blocking the firewall rules? For RUT901 are using Sim card private IP as a main uplink & sangfor ngaf are using fix static ip address.

If from rut901 to sangfor can working & can access


Are you using a wired WAN or mobile connectivity with a SIM card?

Firstly, please ensure that you have the whole network specified in the IPsec configurations.

Then, check Network → Firewall → Traffic rules and ensure that all IPSec rules are enabled. Additionally, please share a screenshot of the Allow-IPSec-Forward rule configurations, including the advanced tab. This rule should allow access from WAN to Any networks (or LAN), and in the advanced tab there should be the following in ‘extra arguments’ field:

-m policy --dir in --pol ipsec

If the issue persists, please access the device via CLI/SSH with username ‘root’, execute the following commands and share the output:

ipsec statusall
ip r show table 220

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