Same issue with random WIFI dropout as others

A search this forum and found 2 others having a similar problem to me.
Randomly I loose my RUTX14 network. All the green light are lit but I cannot access the RUTX14 either by WiFi or ethernet cable. I switch the power off then on and all is restored and works fine. As stated by others this is industrial equipment and should not have this problem. I have the latest firmware.
I have also searched other formums and found this is not an isolated case.

There does not seem to be a very bigmembership on this forum as I note most posts remain unanswered. I don’t expect a reply and feel I cannot support Teltronica any further. I had serious issues with a RUT360 which I returned to the seller and didn’t ask for a reissue as I felt I may have done something to it. But asked it be sent back to Teltronica for assessment. Heard nothing further .


Apologies for a delayed response. Since we have launched this new forum, we’ve been getting many messages and are not able to answer them all in a timely manner.
As for your issue, am I correct to assume that the device freezes periodically?
Does it happen in only certain conditions? E.g. increased load, joining MS Teams meetings, etc?
Are you using the latest firmware? The currently available latest firmware for RUTX devices is RUTX_R_00.07.04.4.
For now, you could try setting up periodic reboots every night and check if that helps in any way with the stability of the device.
Once again, apologies for a late response.

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Thanks for the reply.
In the past week or so it appears stable. I have set the RUTX14 to reboot every day at 1700 Hrs and this seems to have done the trick.
As suggested I have just upgraded firmware to the latest version.

I will monitor and hope the problem has gone away.

Please update us if the issue reappears. Thank you.