RUTXR1 RUTX10 Mesh - No DHCP Protocol for Lan interface in mesh node


Firmware version: RUTX_R_00.07.06.3
Firmware build date: 2024-01-12 15:47:21
Internal modem firmware version: EG06ELAR04A20M4G
Kernel version: 5.10.199

Firmware version: RUTX_R_00.07.06.8
Kernel version: 5.10.199

i followed exactly the YouTube tutorial to create a mesh with a mesh gateway and a mesh node.
I can follow each steps except one.
When I try to select DHCP protocol in my Mesh Node lan, there is no such option. There are only the options “static” and “none”. As far as I understand, I have to configure two wireless SSIDs, one as access point, one as mesh. Both have to be added to the lan interface, right?
But how can I make the lan to get the IP from the DHCP server from my mesh gateway If I cannot select DHCP? For WAN interfaces I can select DHCP protocol.
What am I missing?



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