RUTXR1 port going up and down

Hey. Got some problem on a site with RUTXR1. In log the switchports is going up and down. Why??


There could be a lot of reasons for such behavior, but the first thing Iā€™d check is using a different Ethernet cable, as ports going up and down usually indicate an issue in the 1st layer of communications.
If that does not help, try plugging the device into a different port on the router and check if the issue replicates.
If the issue is still present, try plugging in a different Ethernet device to check if perhaps the issue is with the connected LAN device.
Lastly, in 7.5, an option in the WebUI was added to control the negotiation settings on the Ethernet ports. This menu can be found by navigating to Network ā†’ Ports ā†’ Port Settings. Select the port in question, disable auto negotiation, and set the advertised speed to 100M/Full Duplex. Check if the issue disappears.

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