RUTX55 Wifi 2,4 GHz not visible

My 2.4 GHz Wifi is not visible to clients. 5GHz works fine.


Could you try changing the channel to 1 by editing the global 2.4GHz instance:

Additionally, make sure that transmit power is set to 100%.

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Hi, tried it but didn´t work.

Now I managed to access the 2.4 GHz wifi from my iphone by putting is literally beside one of the two antennas. I get 81% signal. If I move it away 2 feet it looses signal completely.

In the Wifi settings signal stengt is set to 100%.

Does anyone have an idea what this might be? Is one antenna connector for 2.4 GHz and one for 5GHz?
It doesn´t seem so, since the 5G works fine f I use both antennas or only one. And I have tried both.

Seems like a hardware issue… Or what do you think?


If the transmit power is set to 100%, and the channel 1 is selected, then this may indeed be a hardware issue. Just to be sure, please try resetting the device to factory defaults and without changing any parameters check if 2G network can still only be reached once you’re close to the antennas.
Lastly, make sure the correct antennas are installed in their respective locations and are tightened properly.

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I have tried resettig to factory defaults, and testing different antennas. The dorrect(original) antennas are installed and they work fine with 5GHz.

I guess the only conclusion is a hardware issue.

Thanks for your reply!


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