RUTX50 Zerotier Drops out

I have an RUTX50 patched with the latest firmware.

I connect it to a ZeroTier network using the instructions found here

The only difference being my LAN is

It works perfectly and does exactly what I need.

Unfortunately, the RUTX always drops off the ZeroTier network after a 1 or 2 days and I have to go in the the RUTX admin and disable and then re-enable the ZeroTier VPN.

Devices on the LAN usnig zerotier clients remain connected. It is just the RUTX50 that drops.

I need this to work so that I can access docker containers on the LAN that cannot run zerotier clients.

How can I stop the RUTX from dropping off?

This sounds like the same problem I have, it happens in my case only after an update to the latest FW, it was all Ok before going to 7.05.4

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