RUTX50 with external antenna, wifi?

In my mobile home (car) I have planned to install RUTX50 + 5G COMBO MIMO antenna: PR1KC640.

I obviously want wifi inside the car and also want to connect as a client to other wifi hotspots on the road.
If I connect RUTX to roof antenna with both connectors then the wifi signal is outside the car, would this affect my reception for wifi inside the car? Or should I connect one connector to the outside antenna and one connector with bundled antenna inside the car?


Thanks for reaching us.

RUTX50 have 4 x SMA for mobile antenna

As long as the external antenna is linked to the four SMA mobile antennas, there will be no issue because there will be no large distance difference that may cause disconnection because it is on the roof of the car and the signal will be strong. RUTX50 will have a mobile connection using only the main mobile antenna, but in order to have better signal strength and quality, I recommend connecting 4 x SMA mobile antennas


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