RUTX50 WiFi noob question; Advice on Multiple Networks

Hello everyone,

I use the RUTX50 for my photography business, working frequently across various locations, both indoor and outdoor. This router has significantly improved my workflow for my laptops and WiFi DSLR camera, and reliable mobile data connectivity when outdoors. However, I’m facing a challenge that I’d like to overcome.

Throughout the year, I visit around 10-15 different locations. For indoor locations, I aim to use the client’s hotspot WiFi. My issue is that the RUTX50 seems to only remember one WiFi client network. When I move to a new location and want to connect to a different WiFi, it appears that I need to delete the previous client settings and manually enter the new ones. This is not very practical considering how often I change locations.

My question, is there a way to configure the RUTX50 to remember multiple WiFi client networks and automatically connect to a known network without needing to manually adjust settings each time?
(I had hoped that the RUTX50 would remember the last few WiFi SSIDs and passwords)

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

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We’ve implemented a feature that addresses your needs called Multi AP mode. When you connect to a new access point (AP), you can choose different modes. For this scenario, you’ll need to select Multi AP (1). Once selected, you’ll have additional parameters to configure: Scan time (2), Upload AP list via file (3), or add them manually (4).

For further details, please refer to our wiki page here: Link to RUTX50 Wireless Multi AP feature

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