RUTX50 - What worked for me

There has been a bunch of topics about RUTX50 being unstable, which it has been for me as well. (as in I would have thrown it off the roof if it wasn’t already up there, and one should not climb ladders in anger)

What fixed the issues for me (so far, knock on wood) was:

  • Update firmware to 07.04.4
  • Update modem firmware to the latest one (RG501QEU…)
  • Do a factory reset!

Doing the factory reset after the updates seems to be the most important bit, as I was running several days with the latest versions and experienced no improvement in stability. Once again, it needs to be done after the updates.

And for good measure add the following firewall rule under Network → Firewall → Custom Rules:

iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -o qmimux0 -j TTL --ttl-set 65

This should prevent throttling from your ISP, but YMMV.

This has been stable for almost a week now. Hopefully this will help some, and help others get closer to the right solution for them.

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Thanks for the info. I have one question. I have done the factory reset before in actually 2 versions:

  1. with keeping the configuration data
  2. without keeping the configuration data but uploading back-up version (which doesn’t impact router nor modem firmware if I am correct).

Which one did you do?


Hello, and thanks for the information.

One question - did you have the 3 blinking LED issue and router failing to reconnect without power cycle initially or it was just connection speed and such? There are number of different issues playing out as far as people are reporting - but I’m a bit cautious (and lazy) to reset everything and going from once a week failure to something worse.

I did not keep any settings at all, and re-did the few settings I needed manually. In one of the threads (can’t remember which) it’s hinted that there might be an issue with transferring settings between these specific versions, so I figured it’s worth trying out a blank slate.

If that’s the case it might be worth doing a factory reset, not keeping any settings, and not uploading a backup. It’s not very fun if you’ve got a lot of configuration done, but at least you get your connectivity back.

I don’t know if the LED:s were blinking, as the router is mounted inside an antenna on top of a pole on the roof. But the rest of the symptoms matched very well. It failed to reconnect, the web UI was (sometimes partly) unresponsive, and it needed a power cycle to snap out of it. This happened multiple times per day.

(We don’t have the greatest 5G reception at our house, reconnects might be more common for us than for most)

@johnny Thanks. I’ll give it a go.

I spoke too soon. This morning we had lost internet connectivity, the web UI was not responding properly, and we were back online after power cycling the router.

(The web UI had problems fetching the overview data, which locked up the whole interface. After a timeout it gave an error message, along the lines of “Fetching overview data took too long”. Presumably caused by the modem not responding, as it in the earlier problems was shown to be not available)

Well, I did what you suggested anyhow, but my “fallouts” are usually 9 to 11 days in between, so I’ll see if it will make any difference! One ray of hope though - it seems to be some kind of software issue - so more likely than not @Teltonika will patch it, RUTX50 being their premier product.

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By coincidence I had to power cycle it as well out of a sudden death. I found that the ping reboot normally brings it back to live but today no way Jose! It really needed a manual intervention.

I hope too that this is a software issue because if it is hardware it will become a big problem which is not easy to recover from.

I was just thinking to setup my old Huawei as a failover option on the wan port but that in itself is a stupid solution. Using an inferior router to keep an expensive one running :joy:!

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